2022 Kyoto Uji Hojicha Powder
2022 Kyoto Uji Hojicha Powder

2022 Kyoto Uji Hojicha Powder

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Hojicha (焙じ茶) meaning ‘roasted tea’, is a roasted green tea which produces a unique character and nutty flavour.

This tea has a naturally sweet taste and a pleasantly woody aroma.

In ancient Japan, tea leaves belong to the higher classes of society. The lower segments could only enjoy tea when the best spring tea leaves are harvested for the higher classes. This is nearing summer, and the tea leaves would have grown bigger and broader, not to mention thicker. Fine flavours are usually absent, whereas earthiness and harshness are the usual flavour profile. Sometimes, better grade teas were made available to them, when higher grade teas are rejected, or when the tea have become moist from poor storage, or were the unwanted parts from processing higher grade teas. In these cases, the teas are roasted dark to dry them, and to drive off undesired odors, or simply to rid the older and tougher leaves of earthy characters. Such teas become the hojicha today, and it started as a commoner's beverage.


 Tea Cultivar
 Origin Wazuka
 Cultivation Unshaded
 Process Steamed, Rolled, Dried, Roasted, Ground
 Net Weight  40g


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1g to 15ml, 70°C water
Whisk with chasen to produce a creamy and foamy tea

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