Honey Orchid Dancong - Phoenix Mountain, China

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A luscious tea which evokes images of honey, orchid and juicy tropical fruits like lychee, and this tea is from Phoenix Mountain of China, where the cultivars and terroir produce naturally floral and fruity teas.

This young tea master inherited the tea making techniques from his forefathers to preserve the traditional ways of making Dancong Wulong.

Known as the champagne of teas, Phoenix Mountain Dancong tea are the perfect best of both world of a green and red tea providing the sweet longan notes and smooth syrupy mouthfeel.


Reminds us of Chng Teng which can be drunk hot or iced.


Origin Sugarcane Valley, Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China
Cultivar Shui Xian
Processing Charcoal roasted Wulong
Recommended brewing

3g to 150ml

85-90C at 1 min, subsequent brew less 5 degree and increase by 15s.