2024 Pre-Guyu Jiuhua Buddha Tea 雨前九华佛茶
2024 Pre-Guyu Jiuhua Buddha Tea 雨前九华佛茶

2024 Pre-Guyu Jiuhua Buddha Tea 雨前九华佛茶

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This tea is grown in the famous Buddhist mountain of Jiuhua, at an area called Jiu Zi Yan (九子岩) which is the source of Jiuhua mountain culture and heritage. Specifically, it is grown in the misty environment of Yellow Rock Brooke (黄石溪), and this tea was a royal tribute tea during the Song dynasty about 1000 years ago. It has two other names of Jiuhua Maofeng and Yellow Rock Brooke Maofeng. Amidst pine and bamboo woods, the sounds of the bell and drum reverberate through the mountain air during religious services. Its remote site houses about 80 ancient temples, and the tea growing area is inhabited only by monks and the tea farmers. 

Harvested during Gu Yu (谷雨 Grain Rain) of 2024, the leaves are one bud and two leaves, and are more rustic in look - long, straight, unrolled (not twisted). It has a sweet taste and a floral aroma leading the profile. Last year's tea carried some slight scorch marks from the panfrying process. We managed to get better tea this year, without the scorch marks. Last year's tea was sweet even with those marks. You can then expect stronger sweetness and aroma from this year's tea.

This tea is grown in the Buddhist pilgrimage site of Mountain Jiuhua, known to be the preaching site of Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏菩萨).

Comes in a 50 gm tea caddy.

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