Myanmar 2nd Geisha Harvest Moe Htet Natural - Tasting Only
Myanmar 2nd Geisha Harvest Moe Htet Natural - Tasting Only

Myanmar 2nd Geisha Harvest Moe Htet Natural - Tasting Only

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The triangle formed by the south of Yunnan, Assam India and north of Myanmar is where the tea plant - Camellia sinensis - developed since ancient times. In the same soils and terroir, the first coffee growers in the region found the conditions apt to establish coffee farms about a century ago. When Scottish missionaries brought coffee seeds to Myanmar in the 1930s, they planted them in Naungcho (also spelled Naunghkio) Township in the Northern Shan State just below Yunnan China. The township is away from major population centres, being 1 hour away from the scenic hill town of Pyin U Lwin and 2.5 hours away from the former royal capital of Mandalay. 

Moe Htet Estate sits on 200 acres of coffee land at 1,100 m near to Tha Yet Gone Village. It grows only arabica and the traditional varieties of SL34 and Costa Rica that most estates in the region are growing. Coffee is intercropped with silver oak trees for shade. In 2021, the estate started experimenting with geisha, the darling of the coffee industry. The positive feedback and the fine cupping notes that came out of that year's harvest spurred the estate to continue its quest to cultivate exceptional varieties and set a national example to elevate the country's specialty coffee scene. In 2023 January, the second successful harvest did not disappoint to deliver exceptional quality again. 

Roast Level
The profile of the variety is overlaid with the profile endowed by the terroir, delicately balanced by careful roasting. This dry processed geisha is roasted very light to preserve the lime and floral notes. Further, it avoids the strong earth and wood notes given by the deep mineral soils in the historic tea region when roasted darker. Brewing technique and water recipe are needed to present a clean and balance cup, and to bring out the characteristics of the variety and that of the terroir.

Brew Flavour
We are using Timemore V60 and B75 to brew this coffee, with the V60 delivering more brightness and the B75 delivering more juicy mouthfeel. With a ratio of 15g ground to 800μm to 250ml water at 95°C, we will present you a cup forward on lime and mango with candy sweetness when hot, turning to jasmine, longan, red dates and sugar cane sweetness when warm and then to rambutan, cedar, ginger and caramel when cooler. A sweet overtone and smooth body dominate the cup, and the cleanliness is impressive for a natural process coffee.

This rare geisha is only available for tasting at Parched by Parchmen and Pacto by Parchmen

Join us to travel and savour our world in a cup!

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