2023 Putuo Buddha Tea 普陀佛茶
2023 Putuo Buddha Tea 普陀佛茶

2023 Putuo Buddha Tea 普陀佛茶

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This tea is grown on the island of Pu Tuo which is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site for the worship of Kuan Yin Boddhisattva (Avalokiteśvara Boddhisattva) very familiar to most Asians. The first emperor of China Qin Shi Huang around BCE 250 regarded this island as the legendary sacred site where the elixir of immortality could be found. 

Putuo tea is known also known as tea in the clouds (普陀山云雾茶) to reflect its misty growing environment. Each leave is tiny and lightly curled, yet not fully curled into a snail like Bi Luo Chun but yet more curled than the common 'eyebrow' shape. Looking more like small hooks or tadpoles, with some leaves covered in white downy hair from its early picking, it earns another name of Phoenix's Tail (凤尾茶). This tea was listed as a royal tribute tea during the late Qing dynasty.

Comes in 50 gm in a tea caddy.

3g to 150ml
80°C at 60-75sec

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