2023 First Flush Oyakti FTGFOP 1 CH Organic/RFA
2023 First Flush Oyakti FTGFOP 1 CH Organic/RFA
2023 First Flush Oyakti FTGFOP 1 CH Organic/RFA

2023 First Flush Oyakti FTGFOP 1 CH Organic/RFA

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This is the first time we are featuring teas from Okayti Tea Estate. Located in the scenic Mirik Valley of Darjeeling, it was established in 1870 by British planters and holds a long legacy of being one of the oldest tea estate and factory in Darjeeling. Surrounded by tall pine trees with a remarkable view of the Himalayas, the estate rises from 1,200m to 1,900m, making it one of the highest tea estates in Darjeeling. When you are the first few estates in the area, you get to choose the best piece of land, as well as the best scenery the hills have to offer.

Okayti has one of the most picturesque estates in Darjeeling. Standing against the test of time, it was named Rangdoo Tea Estate when it was established 150 years ago. The home of the first owner still stands proudly within the estate’s vicinity flaunting its Victorian beauty. Not all tea estates had good teas then, and Rangdoo was one which produced decent and okay tea, giving it a new name since then. It has a glorious history of being served at Buckingham Palace and other royal courts. Today, it is certified organic (India and Japan) and Rainforest Alliance.

First flush teas of the highest grade usually come with a string of designations. FTGFOP 1 means Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekeo Grade 1. For Okayti Tea Estate, this is their highest grade. It is harvested 1 bud 2 leaves. CH stands for China, indicating that the tea shrubs are of Chinese origin inherited from mid 19th century.

Brew Flavour
We are brewing this Indian tea in our Parchmen Glass Gaiwan, at 3g to 120ml of 80°C water for 45 sec. The brewed leaves are forward on sugar browning notes in the form of caramels and gingerbread. These notes pervade in the brew, with a hint of light enzymatic tone of flowers and fruits coming behind accompanied by a peppery end when colder. The liquor is sweet and medium thick, almost juicy. It is a straight forward and masculine first flush, emitting an aura of boldness. It is a refreshing cold brew, showing its gentler side with more perfumy floral notes with a hint of pineapple. The tea can be brewed twice. 

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