"Omakase" Tea Subscription
"Omakase" Tea Subscription

"Omakase" Tea Subscription

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Enjoy our tea now on a subscription basis!

Each month, there will be 3 different teas, omakase style - we select the teas for you, across the 6 classes of tea (white, yellow, green, wulong, red, black), packed in 3 x 10g packets. There will be a mix of teas listed on our website and unlisted teas as well.

Our objective is to allow tea lovers to enjoy and learn the different classes of tea regularly at affordable rates. Each box comes with a substantially researched write-up on the teas' history and significance, as well as how we brew the teas to attain the flavour notes described on the article. 

When we launched the subscription in June 2022, we started with 3 courses - Everyday, Contemplation, Royal Banquet. Overtime, it shows that Royal Banquet attracts almost all the subscription. As of Nov 2022, we will be offering just the Royal Banquet subscription.

From 2024 January onwards, we have increased the amount for each tea from 6g to 10g, unless otherwise specified owing to prices of the specific teas

Explore the uncommon and historical teas with us!


Difference between Seasonal Tea Box and Monthly Tea Subscription

Tea boxes are theme based - maybe by harvest (season), style (e.g. Dan Cong) or country (e.g. Japan, India, Vietnam).

"Omakase" tea subscription is more flexible in the offerings by cutting across fixed themes. It is meant to provoke discussion and reflection on the broader issues surrounding tea. 


Previous Tea Subscription "Courses"

- Everyday: Teas which are for daily drinking and sometimes there will be surprises

- Contemplation: Teas with more depth and beyond the immediate sensory excitement for the seasoned drinker

- Royal Banquet: You will get teas fit for emperors and kings 


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