2022 Pre-Qingming Harvest Lu&
2022 Pre-Qingming Harvest Lu&
2022 Pre-Qingming Harvest Lu&

2022 Pre-Qingming Harvest Lu'An Melon Seeds - 六安瓜片·

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Anhui province is the home of China's greatest green teas, and Lu'An Gua Pian is no exception. Through repeated short but high heat roasting over open flame, the leaves curve up like Chinese melon seeds, hence its name.

The plucking of Lu'An melon seeds deserves special mention because of how difficult and time-consuming it is. Only the first leaf below the bud-set is plucked. This reduces the vegetal greenness of the tea, but it requires much care and coordination on the part of tea-producer! As such, this tea has remarkable uniqueness as the only tea in China made without tips and stem, but just leaves. When steeped in water, the tea leaves uncurl to give off a fresh, mineral aroma.

This tea is historically famous and royal. During the Qing dynasty, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi first enjoyed her privilege to have this tea in her monthly allowance only after she had given birth to a boy (whom subsequently became the next emperor).

This tea is a China Geographical Indicator registered product,

Type Green Tea
Origin Anhui Province
Process Basket-Fired
Harvest Spring 2021
Brewing Guide  3g to 150ml, 70°C



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