Lotus Green Tea
Lotus Green Tea

Lotus Green Tea

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When 'tea' is mentioned, our mind usually jumps straight to China, India or Japan. Few among us--only the true experts--think about Vietnam, even though Vietnam boasts not just one of the oldest tea cultures in Asia, but also some of the oldest wild tea trees in the world.  

However, thanks to the new generation of specialty producers like Hien Minh Tea House's Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Vietnamese tea is quickly gaining its rightful place.

The Lotus is Vietnam's national flower as well as an important symbol in Buddhism. Lotus teas thus have a special place in Vietnam's tea culture.

Shan Tuyet tea buds from Hà Giang are wrapped inside 100-petal lotuses from an organic pond in Phú Xuyên, Ha Noi to create this very special tea. Phú Xuyên translates as a place full of lakes and ponds, which literally reflects this area which used to house many fish ponds.

They are harvested early morning and only the half smile shaped lotus are chosen. When steeped in hot water, the lotus buds gradually unfurl to reveal a deep, rich sweetness.

This tea is one of the Vietnam's signature tea and is used for all important event.

The tea gives a lovely aroma of sweet lotus with some notes of cardamom and ginger flower.

The flower contains about 10g of Green Tea from Giang

Store in freezer up to 3 years. 

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