Parchmen Glass Tea Pot Set
Parchmen Glass Tea Pot Set
Parchmen Glass Tea Pot Set

Parchmen Glass Tea Pot Set

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With our firm belief in drinking loose leaf teas rather than tea bags, this is Parchmen's own elegant glass tea pot set for this purpose. You can use 8 to 10 gm of tea to brew a full pot, and you can take out the sleeve filter after brewing an appropriate time. The minimum amount of leaves to use is 4 to 5 gm to brew a half pot for the sleeve filter to submerge in the brewing water for proper extraction of flavour.

Cleaning is hassle-free. Any tea that is stuck at the slits on the filter can be removed with a fine brush or toothbrush.

Volume: 500 ml

Temperature: -20°C to 130°C


You can choose to add onto the tea pot these essential items: Cup of Fairness (270 ml), glass cups (150 ml), bamboo tea tray (26 cm diameter, 5 cm height) and tea tools (tea pick and its bamboo rest and tea scoop)

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