Kyoto Uji Everyday Matcha

Kyoto Uji Everyday Matcha

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Matcha (抹茶) is a fine powder made of ground tencha leaves. It is usually ground into powder using a ball mill. 

This particular matcha has a bright taste and a strong aroma, suitable for everyday use. Its bolder flavour profile allows it to be added to milk. It is popularly used in cafes due to its strong flavour against milk, and long lasting aroma.

Traditionally, Matcha is prepared by dissolving the powder in hot water. A chasen (bamboo whisk) is used to froth up the mixture to achieve a smooth and creamy texture. Matcha plays an important part in the Japanese tea ceremony, the Sado or “the way of tea”, where tea preparation is used to emphasise beauty, simplicity and tranquility.

We have been to the farm and seen their processing. Practically no hands touch the leaves from harvest till bagging. At the factory, the entire process is done by a chain of machines hygienically.

 Tea Cultivar Yabukita
 Origin Wazuka
 Process Steamed, Dried, Ground
Net Weight 30g


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1g to 15ml, 70°C water
Whisk with chasen to produce a creamy and foamy tea

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