Ethiopia Guji Uraga G2 Washed
Ethiopia Guji Uraga G2 Washed

Ethiopia Guji Uraga G2 Washed

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Blueberry | Mandarin | Lemongrass

Ethiopia is always a romantic dream for coffee lovers. If this is the motherland for arabica coffee, perhaps the Oromia region (or more correctly, regional state) is the core of this homeland. Oromia is the homeland of the Oromo people who are the earliest inhabitants of the motherland 7,000 years ago based on various research. Within Oromia, Guji has been considered by many Oromo people as the ancestral heartland where the Oromo culture flourished.

Guji has a complex terrain with high plains, valleys and flatlands sitting on a broad mountain range from 1,800m and up. It has a 2m thick layer of volcanic soil which regenerates itself from the cycles of natural vegetation. The rich nutrients in the soil supports the slow development of the coffee cherries growing under the wide diurnal range of temperatures.

Guji is under the spotlight only in recent years, having been under the cloaks of the larger Sidama region for a long time. Political changes since 1995 created the Omoria zone from Sidama region. In September 2003, five upland woredas (districts), including Uraga, from Borena zone of Omoria were separated from it to create the Guji Zone. The increasing awareness that Guji coffees distinguishes itself from the famous coffees of Sidama and Yirgacheffe fuels its growth as a separate coffee region. Finally in 2010, Guji was allowed to market under its own brand and logo. Today, the increasing number of farmlands and washing stations competes with the traditional cattle farms for land. 

In 2023, Parchmen & Co featured Anasora at the northwest of Guji about 2 hours' drive from the other famous coffee district of Shakisso where Guji coffee first flourished. In 2024, we feature yet another woreda - Uraga. Here, the area has been an untouched forest for much of its history and coffee grows at extremely high elevations. Our coffee farms are 2000 - 2100 m, with red brown fertile soils. Not a major coffee producing area, coffee is an important cash crop but not the major crop which includes maize, wheat, barley and navy beans. The coffee varieties are heirloom known locally as Kumie, Diga and Wilsho. The washing station is Guji Uraga Washing Station. It has been a while since Parchmen & Co carries a washed Ethiopia!

Roast Level
We have chosen to roast this coffee medium light towards light to highlight its many fruity characteristics, but long enough to reduce the acidity in its aftertaste such that it is an accommodating coffee from start to end. A note to add is this coffee is grown at high elevation, and being an Ethiopian landrace, it is deliciously complex. We roast this coffee with a shorter duration after cracking to preserve its flavour clarity while limiting the chocolate and nuts from kicking in.

Brew Flavour
We are using the Timemore Crystal Eye using Mola Abaca filter paper at 18g of coffee with grind size 600 µm to 220 ml water at 94°C.  The dry grounds smell of pomelo on a dark chocolate base. The aroma of the hot brew has hints of mango and tomato. On the palate, it displays familiar notes of blueberry, accompanied by an array of other citrus and spicy notes - we detected mandarin, lemongrass and cardamon, with hints of iced lemon tea. When it is hot, the spicy notes are clearer, slowly diminishing as it cools. These are underpinned by citrus notes which defines the brew from hot to cool, on a smooth mouthfeel and medium body. In fact, the mouthfeel is like mango juice, displaying surprisingly good body for a washed coffee. The afterflavour is clean and sweet. This is our recipe, brewed at 93°C using our own water recipe. To reduce spicy notes, use a higher temperature of 95°C.

16g for 220ml
0-15 sec: Pour 80g water
45-95 sec: Add 140g

Savouring our world in a cup!

Region: Guji Anasora
Cultivar: Local Landraces
Crop Year: 2022/2023
Processing Method: Washed
Altitude: 1,800 -2,300 metres above sea level

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