Brazil, Araponga

Brazil, Araponga

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The Araponga region is a micro-region within the Matas de Minas in the estate of
Minas Gerais. The region is embraced by the Atlantic forest , which makes it very
suitable for the production of specialty coffees. Another characteristic of the Araponga region is its microclimate. Sometimes a farm can have different microclimates from one crop to another. This contributes to different nuances of flavor in the cup. This region is privileged with high mountains that lead to a range of temperatures and levels of humidity creating the perfect place to grow amazing coffees.

Combined with the natural conditions of the region, the correct management of crops, crop planning and post-harvest with selection criteria of cherries, grains and natural drying, the results are excellent quality, award-winning beans, appreciated worldwide. The volcanic soils are perfect for growing Yellow Icatu, Yellow Catuaí and Red Catuai varietals, which thrives here and accounts for the majority of the farm’s yield. This is where Brazil’s best natural coffee beans are produced.

Red and Yellow Catuai coffee are used for this lot. The coffee cherries were harvested by a mechanical harvester. The ripe and unripe cherries were separated from the floaters by density. The ripe cherries were separated from the unripe through an electronic selection machine. After fermentation, the cherries went straight to patios to slowly dry.

Region: Matas de Minas, Brazil

Cultivar: Catuai
Crop Year: 2023/2024
Processing Method: Dry Natural
Altitude: 1,200 metres above sea level

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