Brazil, Lindalva de Oliveira (RFA)
Brazil, Lindalva de Oliveira (RFA)

Brazil, Lindalva de Oliveira (RFA)

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Dark Chocolate, Apricots with Yellow Flowers aromas

Mrs. Lindalva's family already produced coffee in the family’s farms that bordered the river Rio Grande. At that time, Mrs. Lindalva's grandparents, Italian immigrants, were already producing coffee in the region, having started production in the late nineteenth century. Due to the construction of the Furnas hydroelectric plant, the family’s lands were flooded and the coffee plantations were extinguished.

Time went by, but the coffee culture remained rooted in the family. Decades later, Antonio and Lindalva decided to invest in the production of arabica coffee in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais. Mr. Antonio Vivenza, also an Italian immigrant, fell in love with coffee in Brazil and was responsible for introducing different varieties of arabica coffee in the Cerrado region. They acquired new lands, mainly in places with favorable topography and altitude, forming the perfect terroir for the production of high quality coffee. Today the production areas are divided into 6 different sections, allowing to obtain coffees with different qualities and to form unique blends.

Currently, Vivenza Caffè Speciale is administered by the children of the couple, Piero, Stefano and Paolo, symbolizing a new generation that expands production with quality and sustainability, combining the family tradition with modernity, always in search of excellence in the product offered. The farm is now part of the RAS (Sustainable Agriculture Network) and certified by Rainforest Alliance.

The soil is characterized as medium to high fertility.  Well balanced in terms of potassium, magnesium, base saturation and phosphorus levels. Production areas have shown high values ​​of organic matter in the soil, considering the last soil analyzes (2016 to 2018). Fertilization is made according to results of soil analysis and precision agriculture, which is carried out in all areas of production, seeking to meet in a balanced and rational manner the nutrient requirements for production and improvement of soil fertility.

The climate in the region is excellent, mild, warm days and cool nights.  High altitude region, historically known for high rainfall and soil quality.

"Fazenda Agropecuária Conesol is located in a beautiful valley, where the dawn is splendid, a daily gift to be contemplated.

When the sun rises, behind the mountain that surrounds the farm, the first sun rays that radiate over the coffee plantations take on a unique geometric shape, inspiring the name “Conesol”.

So the word Conesol is the junction of two terms: Cone + Sol.

"Cone" in Portuguese, refers to the geometrical form of a cone. And "Sol" means Sun.


Region: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Agropecuária Conesol
Producer: Lindalva de Oliveria
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Crop Year: 2022/2023
Processing Method: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1,220 metres above sea level

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