Gardenia Dancong

Gardenia Dancong (aka. Huang Zhi Xiang Dancong) is produced in Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong China. Famous for its gardenia floral notes, this Oolong is an easy to drink tea and a signature of Guangdong Province.

 Chinese Name   黄枝香单丛 (Huang Zhi Xiang Dancong)
 Other Names  -
 Origin  Sugarcane Valley, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
 Tea Type  Roasted Oolong
 Harvest Season  Spring
 Tea Processing

 Picking → Withering → Drying → Bruising →

 Kill  Green → Shaping → Charcoal Roasting

 Recommended Brewing   3 g to 150 ml, at 85°C for 45s

Fenghuang Mountain has been producing quality tea of the Fenghuang Shuixian cultivar since the Song Dynasty. Due to natural cross pollination, different types of floral and fruit notes tea are produced. Farmers group teas that are unique in taste and flavours and name and cultivate them. Of which the ones which have gardenia floral notes are called Huang Zhi Xiang Dancong.