Tea Blends - An Inevitable Eventuality

For the longest time, we only offer pure tea from Camellia sinensis - the historical tea. We do not have any tisanes, which are beverages from brewed botanicals which are not from the Camellia sinensis species. Sometimes, we have some historical tea blends, which are Cameliia sinensis blended with other botanicals. Such tea blends already exist in the tea world before modern times, to serve the purposes of ages long past. Examples are genmaicha (玄米茶) from Japan, Tangerine Pu'er (小青柑) from China, and lotus green tea from Vietnam. Beside these, we have no other tea blends.

In Parchmen & Co, our founding principles for tea is to uncover teas which are so well crafted they can be inspected in their loose form not in teas bags and tasted on their own without adulterations. Because our buyers continue to support us, we are able to source widely and boldly, and curate a list of offerings from different tea countries and regions. The teas are usually from historical areas, made by highly accomplished craftsmen and masters. Some are descended from a long line of tea lineage. Some learn from such masters. Some are famous tea personalities in their areas. Most are our personal friends, and whom we visit in their farms and factories. By witnessing the land that grows the tea, and the craftsmen's techniques and efforts will we be able to bring their stories directly to the customer who is you.

In December 2021, we have decided to launch some tea blends - finally. These are original blends, created and evaluated in house. We have not departed from our founding principles, and the tea is still in focus. Why then do we want to, or rather, have to, offer tea blends? Simply because pure tea is too boring (not to us definitely!) or too difficult to understand. These tea blends are just our way to invite you into pure and quality teas. Our tea appreciation and sensory workshops are another of our constant efforts towards the same aim. This road is long, and someone has to walk it.

How then are our tea blends different from what is already being offered in the market? Firstly, our tea blends are meant to highlight the flavours of the featured tea, rather than to mask it, hence the limitation on the blending ingredients. We feel that a tea blend that has 10 other ingredients is a fruit or flower blend instead, since tea is the minor ingredient. Secondly, we do not use essential oils or colouring. Thirdly, all flavours are natural and are in their original shapes and colour. Fourthly, we use the same teas in our curated list for blending. This is obviously the case since our intent for creating tea blends is primarily to bring the featured teas in focus. Surely, we do not import lower grade teas for the sole purpose of blending. 

These tea blends are born out of our appreciation for tea and creativity. Like all products on our offer, we will be constantly reviewing the response and quality, and your feedback helps. When you crossed the bridge, you will never look back again. In the meanwhile, enjoy the tea blends and the health benefits that they bring you!