Yunnan Golden Tippy

Yunnan golden tippy is a signature red tea made in Yunnan. Made using the Assamica cultivars found in Yunnan, this tea is known for its chocolate and cocoa notes.

 Chinese Name   凤庆蜜香大金针 (Feng Qing Mi Xiang Da Jin Zhen)
 Other Names  Dian Hong, Yunnan Black Tea
 Origin  Fengqing County, Yunnan, China
 Tea Type  Red tea
 Harvest Season  Spring
 Tea Processing

 Picking → Withering → Bruising →


 Recommended Brewing   3 g to 150 ml, at 80°C for 45s

In 1937 researchers found that Feng Qing has ideal conditions to grow tea and decided to try making red tea with great success.

This tea is then known as Dian Hong due to its bright red liquour and tea leaves. By 1939, the first batch of Dian Hong was delivered to Hong Kong.


This tea uses only tea bud, hence when highly oxidised, presents a bright golden colour.