Parchmen & Co Roasters

dave and his coffee

It's a little past 4 pm on a Monday and Dave just finished roasting a batch of coffee beans, taking a break and enjoying his cappuccino. Dinner at the cafe only starts at 6:30pm, hence he is enjoying his little break before the dinner crowds comes in.

Sun Ray Cafe nestled near Serangoon Gardens in Singapore and is well known for being a pets friendly cafe. Focusing on good food for people and pets, however not many know that Dave has been roasting his own coffee for his customers.

It has been 3 years since he started roasting his own coffee. "I get to experiment with different coffee beans and get excited when I'm able to coax unique flavours out from the coffee bean." 

"There are a lot of variables that affect the taste of the coffee, from the where they are grown, how they are processed, how they are roasted, grinded and the time to extract the coffee." Dave explained, by roasting the coffee beans himself, he feels that he'll be able to control the one of the many variables better to make better coffee.

Roasting tests all 5 senses, from the smell of the coffee, observing the colour of the roast, hearing the first and second cracks of the coffee, checking the coffee for defects and of course tasting it. It took Dave almost a year to develop his first espresso blend the Brighton blend and another one to his current favourite the Aljunied Blend which he feels is more balanced than the first. 

Parchmen & Co was developed to share the passion of specialty coffee with the community and make it affordable for everyone to enjoy a good cup of fresh brew.

Dave is a certified trainer from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and was trained in Barcelona.

Drop by Sun Ray Cafe at 79 Brighton Crescent to try out our coffee!

Justin Loh