Indonesia, Sulawesi Nismara Sisola - Typica Washed Lactic
Indonesia, Sulawesi Nismara Sisola - Typica Washed Lactic

Indonesia, Sulawesi Nismara Sisola - Typica Washed Lactic

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Apricot, Chocolate, Cherry and Grape


Brett from Sisola is an American citizen who migrates to Sulawesi with his whole family and decided to process green coffee beans. He then founded Sisola Coffee. The word Sisola comes from the local Luwu language and means “together” (or “bersama” in Indonesian language), conveying the idea that working with farmers to elevate the quality and market opportunities for Luwu coffee. He educates, trains and nurture relationships with the local farmers on how to best cultivate and take care of their coffee trees. We first came across Brett when we find the opportunity to carry his coffee on our portfolio. Without hesitation, we took this chance and certain that you roasters won't be disappointed with his coffee. Sure enough, one of his coffees were submitted to Cup of Excellence Indonesia 2021 and managed to get $20/lb.


Sisola purchases freshly picked, ripe cherry from dozens of families in the Tolajuk Village, each of which own and maintain just a few hectares of coffee farm. If you publish coffee elevation as a range the vast majority comes from an area at 1250-1450m (though some outliers go down to 1100 and up to 1600), or if you are looking for a specific number 1350m is a fair average, and also the elevation of our purchasing and pulping station.

The seedlings planted in Luwu have all come from neighboring Toraja and Enrekang in the days of Dutch colonization until the present. There is much confusion about what specific varieties are present in all these regions, but we believe it to all be of the Typica family, including specific varietals of ‘Old Typica’, Jember, and Lini-S. Sisola hopes to work with WCR in the coming year to get genetic testing done so we can be more confident going forward.


Sisola is currently producing primarily honey process coffees, and a smaller quantity of natural process coffee. They buy freshly picked, ripe coffee cherry directly from farmers. Both natural and honey process coffees go through an extended, controlled fermentation in the cherry.

All of their coffees are hand sorted at multiple stages. First, they check that all coffee received is freshly picked, ripe, coffee cherry. Naturals are floated as cherry and Honey coffee immediately after pulping and floaters are discarded. Lastly, the green bean is hand sorted twice with a slow pass and a final check.

All their drying is on raised beds; and Honey takes from 11-18 days and Natural 24-36 days, depending on weather conditions, until the parchment reaches a moisture content below 12%. Parchment and cherry pods are then rested for a minimum 30 days in a temperature and humidity controlled room, where they all equalize to the exact same moisture content of 11.2%. All the coffee is then dry-hulled, double-sorted by hand, and packaged in GrainPro.

Region: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Producer: Nismara Sisola
Farm: Sisola Coffee
Cultivar: Typica
Crop Year: 2022
Processing Method: Washed Lactic
Altitude: 1,250 - 1,400 metres above sea level

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