India Gowri Estate Natural S795 UTZ/RFA
India Gowri Estate Natural S795 UTZ/RFA

India Gowri Estate Natural S795 UTZ/RFA

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Coffee is grown traditionally at the south of India, concentrating in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, while new areas spread northeast towards Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Located in Tamil Nadu, Gowri Estate sits on steep slopes and in rich soil within the Shevaroy Hills at an elevation of 1,300 to 1,400m. It is west of the Kalvarayan Hill Forests national reserve. Being located just north of the equator, Tamil Nadu enjoys tropical climate. At a higher elevation and about 10km north of Yercaud's 'Big Lake' tourist site and hill station, Gowri Estate sees mild and cool climate. Adding to this, the coffee trees in the estate are all shade grown to further protect them from the harsh tropical sun and to benefit from the attendant biodiversity. This brings about the slow development in the ripening of the coffee, allowing it to accumulate vibrant acidity and sweetness.

The coffee varieties grown in Gowri Estate are S5A, S5B, S9 and S795. Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI) has developed 13 arabica selections for commercial cultivation. The 'S' identifier in Indian coffee stands for 'selection' made by CCRI. Released at the end of WWII, S3 or better known as S795 is the most popular variety in India, and this is the variety in our coffee. It was developed from the cross between S288 and ‘kents’ coffee with the main objective of minimising bean abnormalities in S288. S795 is generally resistant to coffee leaf rust, has a high productivity and yet presents good acidity and flavour. 

Gowri Estate is one of 7 farms of MSP Coffee which was established in 1920 and has expanded to cultivation of fruits and spices today. All coffees in this group are shade grown, handpicked and sundried and are fully compliant with UTZ and Rainforest Alliance standards. Gowri Estate
 is an award winning estate, having won the esteemed award of “Best Arabica Coffee in India” in 2017. 

Roast Level
We have roasted this coffee light to bring out the light floral notes. As a result, it tastes very clean and light even though it is a natural processed coffee. 

Brew Flavour
We are brewing this coffee with 16g at 750µm to 250ml of 89°C water, using the Timemore B75 brewer with Kalita 155 paper. The dry grounds smell of white flowers on a dark chocolate base. When hot, it exhibits notes of lemon tea with milk chocolate on a round and fluffy body. There is a hint of bamboo leaves. It turns heavier body when slightly cooled, presenting notes of manuka honey, stonefruits and pomelo. When at room temperature, it remains fluffy with magnolia and ripe mango aromas and curious notes of chrysanthemum coming forward. Balance, sweetness and sweet acidity pervade the coffee throughout all temperatures. Afterflavour is enzymatic, mild and clean. This is our recipe, brewed using our own water recipe:

16g for 250ml
0-15 sec: Pour 50g water
45-75 sec: Add 150g
90-105 sec: Add 50g 


Region: India Tamil Nadu
Cultivar: S795 (S3)
Crop Year: 2022/2023
Processing Method: Natural
Altitude: 1,300 to 1,400 metres above sea level

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