Colombia Rafael Amaya - Washed Lactic, Yellow Bourbon
Colombia Rafael Amaya - Washed Lactic, Yellow Bourbon

Colombia Rafael Amaya - Washed Lactic, Yellow Bourbon

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Strawberry Candy, Chocolate, Dragonfruit

Rafael Amaya has been involved in coffee all his life. He started out working as a picker across a number of farms before then gaining experience in the processing of coffee cherries. In 2000, Rafael was able to purchase his first coffee farm, La Montaña, and later he could own La Virginia, both of which are in Timana, Huila

In 2005, Rafael started attending local courses on the production of specialty coffee. He worked hard to improve the quality of the coffee he was producing. However, it wasn't until 2015 when Rafael shifted his focus to producing almost entirely specialty coffee

In 2016, Rafael developed his own processing formula for fermenting washed coffees. Through this new method, he was able to produce coffee scoring an incredible 88 points and above. Today, Rafael ferments his coffees for a massive 60-130 hours without the use of water (anaerobic fermentation) inside Grainpro bags

We think Rafael is one of the most outstanding producers in all of Colombia and creates some of the best coffees in the world. His Caturra lots are comparable with some Geshas and other exotic varieties because of the intensely complex fruit flavours he is able to produce while maintaining a clean cup. We are proud to be working with Rafael and are excited by what is to come.

In making this coffee, the ripest cherries are picked and exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 120hrs before being pulped and placed inside GrainPro bags at 20°C. In this environment lactic acid bacteria (LAB) feed on carbohydrate and sugar in the mucilage, leading to a higher concentration of lactic acid, translating into a creamier coffee. After this, the coffee is washed to remove residual muscilage and dried on raised beds to ideal moisture content.

Roast Level
We have roasted this coffee to medium light with near to 2 min development, so as to preserve the heightened aroma from the special process and yet to counter-balance the higher perceived acidity from the same process. We aim to deliver a coffee that has an acceptable afterflavour that lingers.

Brew Flavour
We are brewing this coffee at 15g ground to 800 µm, to 250ml of 90°C water, in 1 bloom and 2 pours, as follows:

0th sec - 45 ml of water
45th sec - Add 175ml water to tally 220 ml, in 30 sec
150th sec - Add 30ml water to tally 250ml, in 10 sec

We are getting loads of strawberries aroma and strawberry acidity, complimented with caramels, dark chocolate and toffees when hotter, turning to dragonfruit, honeydew and honey on a sweet, creamy and smooth base when cooler. Afterflavour is clean, sweet and balanced, without over-bearing acidity. This is a coffee that is interesting enough and yet easy to drink without clamoring for too much of your attention,

Thank you for coming onboard with Parchmen & Co, and travel and savour our world with us!


Region: Huila, Colombia
Producer: Rafael Amaya
Farm: La Virginia
Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon

Processing Method: Washed Lactic
Altitude: 1,700 - 1,800 metres above sea level

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