June 2022 Tea Subscription - Contemplation

A Prose of Contemplation

June 2022

Thank you for drinking tea with us.

"Contemplation" aims to leads the casual tea drinker into the deeper world of tea, where tea extends beyond its thirst-quenching function, where it provokes thinking and debate, where it awakes inner reflections.

The three teas on feature are a red tea, a green tea and a black tea, namely:

- 2022 Qi Men (Keemun) Red Tea (祁门红茶), 6 gm

- 2022 Lu An Melon Seed (六安瓜片), 6 gm

- 2017 Golden Flowers (金花苻砖), 6 gm

We value green and red teas for their freshness and tenderness. It has often been misunderstood that a red tea needs very high boiling water when the exact reverse is true for very high quality red teas. Keemun Red Tea is fine and elegant. It is in harmony without sharpness or astringency. Like a green tea, you can say that it has low stamina in brewing, often losing flavour after two brews. Conversely, you can experience its short-lived flavour as the transience of life - the truth of impermanence constantly reminding us that good times are temporary and bad times do not last as well. 

Lu An Melon Seed is the only tea in China made without buds and stems. It consists of leaves only, to offer a flavour of mellow freshness without the greenness and astringency associated with green teas. In a sense, it is a misnomer, an alternative style, maybe a renegade, or even a rebel. Standing solely against the world of green tea, it was not despised or relegated. Instead, it rose to the ranks of royal tribute tea during the Qing dynasty. Just like the Ci Xi Empress Dowager who made this tea famous, they are both against the norms.

While red and green teas are usually enjoyed fresh, a black tea is valued for its age. Golden Flowers Brick Tea was made five years ago with leaves from Hubei and fermented with the microorganisms of a special lake in Shaanxi. With umami notes of seaweeds and mushrooms, it is again a very different tea as compared to the fruits and floral excitement we get from red and green teas. This is a grandfather's tea - mellow, earthly, mature, stable, maybe dusty and boring. A tea with probiotic good for digestion, it is does not stir your interest but which it takes care of your health - just like our grandparents or parents, always nagging but quietly caring in small ways unnoticed by us.