Fujian, China

Tea Capital of the World

One of the China's most important tea producing province, Fujian Province may not have the longest history of producing tea or having tea culture, but since late Song dynasty, it has been recognized as a prominent area for producing high quality tea. This is due to its ideal terroir for growing tea. 

During the mid Qing dynasty era, almost every part of Fujian province produce some types of tea with Wuyi Mountain being one of the most famous tea producing region. Fujian is also where most Chinese teas were exported into UK and the rest of the world in the early days and after the Opium War, the British demanded that China open up it's ports in Fujian to gain access of trading their teas.

Contribution to the Tea World

 Of the six classes of tea, three were created in Fujian, including Blue (Oolong), White and Red teas.

Famous Tea Producing Regions

  • Anxi - Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea
  • Fuzhou - Jasmine Green Tea
  • Wuyi Mountains - Rock Oolong Tea, Lapsang Souchong, Jin Jun Mei
  • Zhang Ping - Narcissus (Shui Xian) Oolong Tea
  • Zheng He - White Tea, Red Tea