2015 Wu Liang Shan Ancient Trees Raw Pu&
2015 Wu Liang Shan Ancient Trees Raw Pu&
2015 Wu Liang Shan Ancient Trees Raw Pu&

2015 Wu Liang Shan Ancient Trees Raw Pu'er 无量山古树生茶

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Clear green leafy notes, Strong lingering aftertaste

Wu Liang Shan is a 400km mountain range located in the south-west of Yunnan. The area is populated by members of the 白族 Bai ethnic minority, and is famous for its tea production.

In recent years, however, to keep pace with the hockey stick demand for Pu'er, many tea producers in the region have begun using fertilizers to hasten the tree's growth. This is NOT what we're doing. Wu Liang Shan Raw Pu'er is harvested from remote old trees growing in a natural environment.

This 2015 Batch of Wu Liang Shan undergoes a hybrid processing method. It is first dried with warm air ( <40°C), then naturally dried, and finally compressed with a stone mould. If you're aging it. We recommend aging with oxygen for the first few years to bring out the sweet, mellow notes, before exposing it to the atmosphere. Once the bag is opened, it is good to leave it exposed for up to a week before consumption, just like decanting and breathing a good wine!

 Origin  Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan province, China
 Brewing recommendations  Brew at 95°C, 3g of tea to 150g of water. Can be brewed up to 5-6 times with no issue
 Expiry Date  Improves with age
 Net Weight  200g

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