Mamo Kacha - Yirgacheffe
Mamo Kacha - Yirgacheffe
Mamo Kacha - Yirgacheffe
Mamo Kacha - Yirgacheffe
Cheese, Strawberry, Butter

Mamo Kacha - Yirgacheffe

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Cheese, Strawberry & Butter

One of the original birthplace of coffee, this area still has many wild varietals that have evolved naturally to be resistant to pest hence no need for pesticide, herbicides or fungicides to be used.

"Yirgacheffe" is a rather broad label, and can encompass a range of flavors and cup profiles. For this reason, we chose to purchase our Yirgacheffe from Mamo Kacha, an exporter that selects higher-grade washed lots from the ECX for us and curates a very intentional regional blend that's not only the classic Yirgacheffe cup profile we love but also the highest-end version of what the Yirgacheffe label signifies.

This coffee is juicy with notes of strawberry and aroma of fresh butter and cheese.


Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


1,500 - 2,100 metres above sea level


Fully Washed

Varietal Heirloom


*150g will be packed in small caddy.

*300g will be packed in big caddy.

*600g will be packed in 2 x big caddy

*1000g will be packed in big coffee bag.