Work From Home Blend
Work From Home Blend
Work From Home Blend
Work From Home Blend
Chocolate, Blueberries

Work From Home Blend

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Blueberry Chocolate Bar

Work From Home Blend consists of 3 beans, 2 of which are fully washed and one is naturally processed.

The natural bean is Costa Rica, at about 1,500 to 1,900 m, with notes of matured tropical fruits and much sweetness given the processing and the cool climate which allows it to grow slowly.

The Ethiopian needs no introduction as it has blueberry sweetness and acidity, with a hint of lavender, at times, ginger and other spices. It has full spectrum flavour, coming from the motherland of Arabica coffee. At a darker roast as in this blend, it develops some cacao notes in the aftertaste.

The other fully washed bean is the Guatemala, which is characteristically cacao and allows higher roast, with a bolder profile for the usual strong cup.

Overall, Work From Home blend is brighter as compared to Parchmen Blend, balanced with increased sweetness and body from the Costa Rica and bolder cacao from the 2 fully washed beans. More interesting in profile, it is for those who like a little acidity in their coffee.

 Finca Cascajal, Guatemala (40%)  Fully Washed
 Jaguar, Terrazu, Costa Rica (40%)  Honey Process
 Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia (20%)  Fully Washed

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