Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Tom's Palette

Tom's Palette Ice Cream

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Born in 2005 from our love and passion for ice cream, Tom’s Palette is best known for colouring outside the culinary lines.

They have been constantly challenging the perception of what makes gelato great, our growing library of 180 flavours feature both classics and unorthodox creations, including Salted Egg Yolk, Nasi Lemak and Mango Sticky Rice.

Their philosophy revolves around fresh and raw ingredients, and every tub, pint or cup is always handmade without the addition of stabilisers, premixes, or artificial flavouring.

Due to recent restriction measures we will be helping them to clear what they limited stocks they have left.

Ingredients: Italian Hazelnut Cream
Allergens: Dairy and eggs

Banana Chocolate
Ingredients: Fresh 'ang bak chio' bananas and 56% dark chocolate
Allergens: Dairy and eggs

Granny's Favourite
Ingredients: Chocolate malt, house-made cookie dough, and chocolate chips
Allergens: Dairy and eggs

allergens: Dairy and eggs

Packed in Ice Cream Tubs
Our tubs are 650ml and serve approx 5-7 of our small cups or 1 very hungry person

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