Tea Taster Course (Foundation) - Skills Future approved

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Tea Taster Course (Foundation)


Teaching Style

We have restructured this popular and fun course to enable modular learning without heavy commitment on time, especially when the bulk of the students are PMEs who need to juggle between the previous night classes and their day jobs.

As such, this course is now structured into the three levels of Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, with core and elective modules.


The full certificate for each level will be issued when a student has completed all the core modules and one other elective, and passed the theory and practical examination. Each level has three core modules and two electives. Each module is 3 hours.

Students who pass the exams will have their names entered into an online register on our website.


Up to 70% course subsidy by e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) under the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)

This course is approved to use SkillsFuture credit.

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Course Details

 Date 30 Sep 2018
Time 9:30 am to 7pm

Parchmen Academy

71 Brighton Crescent Singapore 559214

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