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Syrupy with notes of apple juice, orange peel, butterscotch and dark chocolates.

The variety planted at that time when missionaries visited Utengule was the original Bourbon, which came from the Bourbon island (today La Reunion) in the Indian Ocean. Utengule is proud that by today there are still some of those very first coffee trees present on the farm and after 80 years they continue to produce coffee of fine quality.

The Bourbon varieties, grown under the shade on Utengule Estate are renowned for their smooth flavour, full body and excellent acidity. The soil is very organic and rich in minerals which originate from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The estate is crossed by clear mountain streams which are used to irrigate the coffee fields after the long dry seasons and to wash coffee during harvest.


Utegenle Estate, Tanzania


Fully Washed

Varietal Bourbon