Milk Chocolate, Nutmeg


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Milk chocolate with hint of nutmeg

Grown around Lake Toba, Sumatra, Simalungun region is the area where the original Batak people still stays. 

The highlands of Simalungun in the Lake Toba region of North Sumatra are both blessed and cursed by their exotic beauty, altitude, climate — and with having the perfect soil for Arabica coffee. The upper Simalungun highland lies between 1,200 to 1,700 m above sea level with the majority of Arabica coffee farms at 1,500 masl.

Although it still lies within Indonesia, the province of North Sumatra is in the northern hemisphere, while the rest of the coffee-producing islands are in the southern hemisphere. A local micro-climate is created by Lake Toba, which means the region is classified as a ‘type A’ climate for agriculture in Indonesia.

This complex coffee offers balance acidity and syrupy body unlike Java coffee where it's mostly earthy.

 Origin  Simalungun Region, Sumatra, Indonesia
 Cultivar  Sigara Utang
 Process  Honey Process