Sigri - Papua New Guinea

Sigri - Papua New Guinea

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Maple, Cane Sugar, Chrysanthemum, Wintermelon, Honey.

Thanks to the perfect conditions for cultivation and intensive quality control, Sigri Estate  produces some of the best Arabs in Papua New Guinea. The coffee beans are picked by hand, and they are carefully examined in place for uniformity and maturity of the fruit.

The fruits are processed the same day as the fermentation takes place for three days. Unlike most other manufacturers, the Sigri Estate processing process ends with the full immersion of the coffee in water for another day. Sun-drying further improves coffee and, unlike many other manufacturers, all coffees produced in Sigri Estate are 100% sun-dried.

After drying, careful processing, milling, grading and hand sorting is performed. A final hand sorting before the coffee is packed leads to the best green coffee Sigri Estate is known for.


Wagi Valley, Papua New Guinea


1,500 to 1600 metres above sea level


Fully Washed

Varietal Typica