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Honey with spices like cloves and ginger. 

Grown on Samosir Island, a volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba in North Sumatra. This lake and island was formed by a super volcano 75,000 years ago!

At 630km, this island is as big as our sunny island Singapore!

Although it still lies within Indonesia, the province of North Sumatra is in the northern hemisphere, while the rest of the coffee-producing islands are in the southern hemisphere. A local micro-climate is created by Lake Toba, which means the region is classified as a ‘type A’ climate for agriculture in Indonesia.

The process Giling Basah is mostly only used by Indonesian coffee makers. This is also referred to as the Wet Hulling Semi-washed Process.

This involves fermentation of 8-12 hours, washing, partial drying, hulling and full drying.

This coffee is sorted three times by hand and sometimes referred to as Triple Pick.

This complex coffee offers balance acidity and hints of dark chocolates and also one of the first coffee that we imported into Parchmen & Co.

 Origin  Samosir Island, North Sumatra
 Cultivar  Sigara Utang

 Giling Basah

*150g will be packed in small caddy.

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*600g will be packed in 2 x big caddy.

*1000g will be packed in big coffee bag.

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