Sake Women Washing Station - Rwanda
Apple juice, balanced

Sake Women Washing Station - Rwanda

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Apple juice, balanced

Located in the district of Ngoma, in the eastern part of Rwanda, the Sake Farm takes its name from the lake Sake, that runs alongside it. The plantation has been managed by Marie Laetitia Kayitesire since 1999, when the first bourbon coffee variety was planted.

The Sake Farm plantation supports in the region of 2,400 farmers in the surrounding area. With financial support from JDE, ITC and the Kahawatu Foundation (Sucafina’s sustainability implementer) will improve the technical infrastructure and skills at the plantation and its processing unit. This will increase the quality and quantity of the coffee produced, as well as improve the farm’s ability to pass on knowledge that will benefit smallholder farmers, making Sake Farm an extremely valuable information hub.

Ms. Marie Laetitia Kayitesire, Managing Director of Sake Farm, planted the first coffee trees on her plantation in 1999 and today its 30 hectares are planted with Arabica Bourbon variety trees. In 2003, with support from USAID, Ms. Kayitesire secured the investment to build a coffee washing station, which serves Sake Farm and buys and processes the coffee of smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. The wash station is staffed by women only and is known as The Womens Wash Station.

This coffee has a smooth body, good acidity and hints of berries and vanilla.

 Region  Ngoma, Rwanda
 Growing Altitude  1600 - 2000m
 Varietal  Red Bourbon
 Process  Washed
 Harvest  2019/2020
 Soil Condition  Volcanic


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