Pedro Ortega - Colombia
Dried peach, red apple, caramel and orange

Pedro Ortega - Colombia

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 Region:  Buesaco, Narino, Colombia  Farm:  Finca El Deseo
 Crop Year:  2021  Variety:  Caturra
 Processing Method:  Fully Washed  Elevation:  1,900-2,000 masl


Notes: Dried peach, red apple, caramel and orange

Grown by Pedro Ortega at Finca El Deseo, this coffee was picked and pulped and left to ferment under water for 30 hours inside plastic tanks.

Afterwards it was washed and dried on raised beds up to 18 days until the ideal moisture is achieved.

Narino is an excellent location in Colombia to grow coffee due to its microclimate. It's one of the few areas in Colombia where coffee is able to be harvested in winter due to its unique climate.

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