Myanmar Ruby Hills - Honey Carbonic Maceration (Limited Release)

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Orange, peach tea and honey nectar

Situated near the valley legendary for its “pigeon blood” rubies and precious gems, this area has now became famous for coffee as well.

Thiha, a second generation farmer experimented with the fermentation process and resulted in obtaining first in the Myanmar Coffee Washed Category in 2017 and 2nd in the recent Myanmar Coffee Others Category for his carbonic maceration process.

Carbonic maceration is an experimental coffee process to allow fermentation in carbon dioxide environment. The ripe coffee cherries are placed inside a hermetic stainless steel tank and left to undergo an anaerobic fermentation. Such fermentation process brings out intense aroma, with a taste profile akin to red wine and whisky. These coffee beans usually produce full body cup.

Ruby Hills

 Altitude 1,500 m above sea level
Varietal Catimor
Process Honey Process Carbonic Maceration
Harvest 2019