Laos Bolaven - Natural CM
Pineapple, sherry, dark chocolate

Laos Bolaven - Natural CM

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 Origin   Bolaven Plateau, Laos
 Farm  Phetlamka Estate
 Process  Natural Carbonic Maceration
 Altitude   1,350 mas;
 Varietal   Bourbon


The Bolavens Plateau in South Laos is the most favorable region for coffee cultivation in the country. The region boasts high elevations (up to 1350 masl), rich volcanic soils, and a moderate climate with plentiful sunshine, rainfall and a low risk of frost.

The gentle slopes of the plateau negate many of the farming challenges posed by more mountainous and varies terrain.

Strict ripe cherries are harvested and washed. These are then anaerobically fermented for up to 48 hrs in stainless steel containers. 

Subsequently the cherries are laid out in a greenhouse and dried till they are ready to be exported. Drying time can take up to 20-25 days depending on weather. 

This coffee is also known as Fai Mai, referring to Fire Mountain, which is the nearby volcano where these coffees are grown.