Kenny, Kenya (Limited Edition)
Orange, Chocolate and Currant

Kenny, Kenya (Limited Edition)

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Orange, Chocolate and Currant

Kenya privatised coffee farming in the early 1960 and farmers were allowed to grow up to 100 coffee trees. 

Kanyi Estate started during that time and grew subsequently. Embu is one of the best region for growing Kenya coffee due to its red volcanic soil and high altitude. Using only the freshest and ripest red cherries, this Estate coffee is one not to be missed! 

This coffee starts off with a chocolaty, orange note and follows with a sweet Currant. 

 Origin  Kanyi Estate, Embu, Kenya 
 Crop year  2020
 Process  Washed
 Elevation  1,605m
 Varietal  SL28, SL34, 18CK0059

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