Blueberries, Geranium and milk choc


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Blueberries, Strawberries and milk choc

This coffee is part of the Operation Cherry Red project that was started in Africa, its aim was to reward and inspire producers to produce the best possible quality washed, pulped and naturally processed coffees by focusing on only the ripe cherries, every year selected farmers and producers are invited to participate in OCR, the farmers are rewarded with financial help, equipment and knowledge and also higher prices for their coffees if they pass the quality tests in Addis Abada.

The current trading system makes it very hard to trace Ethiopian coffees back to their precise origins but we do know that this lot comes from the Kebado area of Dara. 

Sweet, juicy fruits as expected from a naturally processed coffee, reminding you of citrus fruits like orange on a base of baked pastry aromas like biscuits, butter and condensed milk. May have some milk choc notes. There are some persistent floral aroma like geranium. Consistent in profile from hot to cold, and makes a stable espresso.


 Kebado, Dara, Ethiopia


 1,800 metres above sea level


 Natural Process

Varietal  Heirloom

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