June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest
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June Tea Box - Vietnam Spring Harvest

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When 'tea' is mentioned, our mind usually jumps straight to China, India or Japan. Few among us--only the true experts--think about Vietnam, even though Vietnam boasts not just one of the oldest tea cultures in Asia, but also some of the oldest wild tea trees in the world.  

However, thanks to the new generation of specialty producers like Hien Minh Tea House's Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung, Vietnamese tea is quickly gaining its rightful place. Our June Tea Box features a selection of the best that Vietnam has on offer, from Oolongs to Pu-erh to the national signature: Lotus Tea. 

1. Oriental Beauty 

This version of Oriental Beauty are made using summer bug bitten ancient tea trees from Hoa Binh. It's unique flavor comes from the green flies which nip at the tea leaves, triggering fermentation before it is plucked.

2. Vietnam Raw Pu'er

Specially picked from old tea trees in the forests of Ha Giang, where some trees are more than a century old! The Ha Giang mountains are shrouded in fog. After a long winter, the teas they produce are nutritious, thickly sweet, with a powerful floral aroma.


3. Special Dried Lotus Tea 

The Lotus is Vietnam's national flower as well as an important symbol in Buddhism. Lotus teas thus have a special place in Vietnam's tea culture. Shan Tuyet tea buds from Ha Giang are wrapped inside 100-petal lotuses from an organic pond in Phú Xuyên, Ha Noi to create this very special tea. When steeped in hot water, the lotus buds gradually unfurl to reveal a deep, rich sweetness.

4. Ming Qian Shan Moc Green Tea

First leaves and buds of 2021, hand-picked from the old tea trees growing wild in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang province. These mountain teas have a yellow-green color and a lingering aftertaste. Can be brewed up to 5 or 6 times without losing its aroma.

5. Crescent Moon White Tea 

Specialty Tea made from the best hand-picked buds of high mountains old wild tea trees (1800m-2200m) in Ha Giang, Vietnam. With the highest antioxidant and anti-aging content of any tea, other benefits for health include reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder, helping prevent diabetes, reducing inflammation, and improvement in oral health.

1 Lotus Flower per set. Other teas packed in 16g packets. 

Storage: Store the green tea and lotus flower in freezer for best preservation.