Connate Espresso Blend [Organic]
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Connate Espresso Blend [Organic]

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It's not easy finding good quality organic coffee. Thus far, most of our beans, though excellent in quality, are cultivated via conventional methods. That's why we're especially proud to bring you our first certified organic espresso blend, grown without the help of artificial fertilizers, fungicides, or pesticides. 

This blend comes from Peru and Honduras, both countries with a strong tradition of organic agriculture. The Honduras needs no introduction, it is our ever-popular CAUFUL. Our new Peruvian friend is from the region of Cajamarca, high in the northern Andean mountains. It is a 'double origin' of sorts, containing beans from Finca Granadilla and Finca Quebrada, both located near the town of La Union, with just a 50m difference in elevation. 

Despite the immense difficulty posed by the Pandemic, both estates have managed to produce an excellent cup. They lend a fruity note to the blend's central American chocolate base.

 Origin Altitude Process
Finca  Quebrada, Peru 1850 m.a.s.l Fully Washed
Finca Granadilla, Peru 1,900 m.a.s.l Fully Washed
La Paz, Honduras
1,000 - 1,550 m.a.s.l Fully Washed