Happy Ending Espresso Blend
Stone Fruits, White Flowers, Cream

Happy Ending Espresso Blend

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Stone Fruits, White Flowers, Cream

We're praying for a quick end to the covid-19 Pandemic. In the meantime, we take pleasure in small comforts like this delicious new Espresso blend; containing 3 different types of beans from Ethiopia, Mexico and Sumatra.

Tasting notes:

On the black - reflecting the year ahead, this blend is mild, balanced, and highlighted by a lingering sweetness, signaling the better days ahead. It has the clean aroma of stewed stone fruits, white flowers and cream, providing some comfort in a usually bold and black drink

On the white - A bar of nutty milk chocolate with dark cherries

Name Process
Sapphire, Chiapas, Mexico   Fully Washed
 Samosir, Lake Toba, Sumatra  Giling Basah
 Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Ethiopia  Fully Washed