Goomtea Estate Second Flush (2018) - Darjeeling, India

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Goomtee estate is the sought-after farm for a true Darjeeling tea, which are harvested from descendants of Chinese tea trees planted in Darjeerling late 19th century. Curiously, the inception of the Darjeerlng tea industry was by a Englishman who disguised himself as a Chinese and successfully stole tea seedlings and smuggled tea workers across the ocean.

The 2nd flush is the second harvest of the year and it produces a muscatel note, like Moscato, that is clearer than the first flush. You can imagine its more intense flavour from the crimson colour of the brew.

In the 2017 Tea Master's Cup International Championship, Goomtee teas were used by both the first and second prize winner in the tea brewing category.

Sweet aromatic elegance interplays with the strong character of the taste. It compliments a hard cheese like cheddar, and suppresses any pungency of a blue cheese.


 Tea Varietal  Camelia Sinesis
 Processing  Black Tea
 Taste notes  muscatel, floral
 Origin  Darjeeling, India
 Brewing ratio  3g to 150ml
 Brewing temperature  85-90 C for 1 min