Fair Lady Espresso Blend
Wild berries, lavender, blue ginger

Fair Lady Espresso Blend

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Wildberries, Lavender & Blue Ginger 

This is an unusual blend of two fruity African bean.

The Kenya AA Plus has notes of clean wild berries with sweet and silky body.

The Ethiopian needs no introduction as it has blueberry sweetness and acidity, with a hint of lavender, at times, ginger and other spices. It has afull spectrum flavour, coming from the motherland of Arabica coffee. At a darker roast as in this blend, it develops some cacao notes in the aftertaste.

This blend may to many seem like a very acidic or sour coffee. Through careful roasting, we however managed to retain the aroma while balancing the acidity.

Let us present to you a bouquet of wild berries and flowers on a silky sweet body. It is elegant and seductive just like a fair lady.

 Coffee  Process
 Mount Kenya AA (50%)  Fully Washed 
 Bale Mountain, Ethiopia (50%)  Natural

*150g will be packed in small caddy.

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