Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 80%
Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 80%
Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 80%
Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 80%
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Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 80%

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Tasting notes: Chestnuts, floral, dried figs

Costa Esmeraldas is a family owned and operated 100-hectare cacao farm located in the Esmeraldas province of Ecuador. Rigorous fermentation, drying and grading processes produced the most consistent and beautiful cacao with a distinctive aroma. Our high cacao % preparation highlights the sweet chestnut and floral notes of these Ecuadorian Nacional hybrids varietal beans.


Ingredients: Cacao beans (80%), cane sugar




Varietals: Ecuadorian Nacional hybrids: EET-95, EET-96, EET-103


Fermentation: Five-tiered cascade system. Cedro (Cedrela odorata) wood boxes with ~450 kg capacity. The fermenting mass is turned once at 36 hours, and then every morning until fermentation is complete. Total duration of fermentation is 5 ½ days.


Drying: Sun-dried on sliding mesh racks. High-walled polyethylene tunnels cover all drying structures. Gradual drying is practiced during the first three days. Finish-drying to a moisture content of 7% is on concrete patios.


Shelf life: 18 months


Net Weight: 50g


✓ Dairy-free

✓ Soy-free

✓ Wheat-free

✓ Nut-free

✓ Gluten free

✓ Vegan