Century Garden 2018 - Nantou, Taiwan

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Century Garden Wulong tea is in Nantou, Taiwan owned by Tea Master Hua Yin's family for several generations.

The tea plantation is one of the first tea farms being developed when his forefathers migrated from China and transplanted tea trees into Taiwan more than a hundred years ago.

Focusing on letting nature running its course, he basically allowed his tea plants to grow without fertilisers or intervention and due to cross breeding newer cultivars of tea plants developed naturally.

His emphasis on sticking to traditional method of allower longer oxidation time to focus on balancing the aroma, taste and mouthfeel has earned him a reputation on producing Wulong of a very high standards and we feel that we can chew the tea when drinking it!

The honey aroma and fruity notes of this tea can't be missed and definitely will be better when aged properly.

 Origin Nantou, Taiwan
Process Method Charcoal Roasted Wulong
Brewing Recommendations

3g to 150ml

90-95C for 45s.