Cauful, Honduras [Organic]
Milk Chocolate, Sweet Brioche, Smooth Body

Cauful, Honduras [Organic]

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In 1975, 228 Honduran farmers (including 30 women producers) banded together to produce coffee under the name Cooperativa Agrícola Unión y Fuerza, or CAUFUL for short.

46 years later, this cooperative is going strong.  On their 70-acre farm, they work together to produce one of the best organic coffees in Honduras, if not the world. This year's product is of exceptional quality thanks to an intensive rejuvenation project which cut the farm's output by nearly half. The result is a delicious chocolatey and smooth cup.

 Origin  La Paz, Honduras
 Altitude  1000 - 1550 m.a.s.l
 Varietal  Lempira, Catuai, IH90, Parainema
 Process  Washed