2019 Bing Dao Raw Pu&

2019 Bing Dao Raw Pu'er Pearl 冰岛古树生普洱

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This is a raw Pu'er from Bing Dao tribal area of the Dai People (傣族), located north of Bang Ma snow mountain (邦马大雪山) in Lincang, Yunnan. Although close to its other famous cousin Ban Zhang (班章), it has very different taste notes. The current name is a reflection of the cold climate the tea grows in. Its original tribal name bears a different word but pronounced in the similar way (扁岛、丙岛), and means a tribe that uses thin bamboo-woven gates.

This pu'er is more delicate with smooth body and clear floral notes compared to Ban Zhang which is more bold. It also has its signature minty notes. 

This tea was harvested in 2019 and compressed into "dragon balls" (龙珠), good for brewing in a standard zisha tea pot.

As a raw pu'er ages, the flavours becomes mellower and rounder, sometimes fruitier. Good for enjoyment after 3 years of aging, it could be further aged to develop its characteristic rock sugar aroma and sweetness (冰糖甜香).

Packed in 8 x 7g balls

3g to 150ml at 95 degree celsius

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