2023 First Flush Green Tea - Tea Box
2023 First Flush Green Tea - Tea Box

2023 First Flush Green Tea - Tea Box

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Our first tea box of 2023 comes late. Nevertheless, they are all pre-Qingming (5th April 2023) teas of the first grade. Each tea is 20g.

We have curated a menu of 4 lesser known Chinese teas to highlight the breadth of Chinese teas from the vast Chinese tea land. Teas from the less familiar Jiangxi and Guizhou are juxtaposed with teas from Jiangsu and Zhejiang - the cradles for famous green teas.

Nanjing Rain and Flowers is reflective of the tea landscape of 'Jiang Nan' (south of the Yangtze River). It is high in umami, exudes an air of authority and gives a characteristic seaweed and nutty note. It is also beautifully shaped. The other 3 teas are shaped similarly - curly and tiny, and are of similar dark green colours, with Song Yang Fragrant Tea showing a greyish hue. Fan Jing Shan Mao Feng grows out of mineral-rich soils from ancient sea floors that now become karst landforms and a UNESCO world heritage site. It exudes minerality and nuttiness, accompanied by berries and flowers. These two teas are heavier in mouthfeel, while the other two are lighter. Song Yang Fragrant Tea differs from the other three teas by being less transparent and is darker yellow in the liquor, and an unusually obvious sweet berry and currant aroma blended with yellow blossoms. Hound's Head Mountain Tea has a different aroma style compared with the rest, being more forward on vegetables, herbs and spices, and ending with a coffee note. Of the four teas, it is perhaps the one with the most awards.

Green teas are difficult to understand, less flamboyant in nature and low on stamina. Their flavours are mostly reflective of the terroir they are from. Surely, the processing style and craftsmanship do have an impact too, but that comes after the effects of terroir. If you would like to savour the earth's elements and energies, try a green tea.

Taste these teas at Pacto by Parchmen.

We are fans of green tea, and we hope you can join the fan club too.


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