[2021 Organic Darjeeling] Sournee SFTGFOP1 Special
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[2021 Organic Darjeeling] Sournee SFTGFOP1 Special

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Sournee Tea Estate came about in the early 1900s where there was a newfound potential in developing Darjeeling tea estates. A British official in charge sought help from locals for clearing the forest area and in exchange gave an area in Mirik to them which is now Sournee Tea Estate. This area was unfortunately given away by the son of the resident to settle outstanding debts with a provision store who in turn developed the holdings into a high elevation tea estate.

Apart from its premium Darjeeling teas, Sournee Tea Estate is known for its tourism and picturesque landscapes, there's also accommodation for tourists in the estate. People flock from all over not just to enjoy the high-quality Darjeelings but also to indulge in its glorious old-world splendour!