2011 Wang Family "Old Metal" Aged Tie Guan Yin "王说"老铁
2011 Wang Family "Old Metal" Aged Tie Guan Yin "王说"老铁

2011 Wang Family "Old Metal" Aged Tie Guan Yin "王说"老铁

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Affectionately known as "Old Metal" (老铁), this tea is aged since 2011 from Tieguanyin tea leaves from Quan Zhou, Fujian province. It is produced by Eight Horses Tea Enterprise (八马茶业) which is helmed by Wang Wen Li (王文礼), appointed by the Chinese government as the custodian for the intangible cultural heritage of producing Tieguanyin tea. During the Qing dynasty, Kang Xi emperor chose it to be a royal tribute tea.

Like how the sands of time tames down a boisterous character, this "old metal" expectedly exudes an air of maturity and control. It is sweet in taste with intense fruitiness on the nose. The signature orchid and magnolia aroma stand against the charcoal-roastiness which is quiet but authoritative, underscoring the strength of the Tieguanyin cultivar and high level of craftsmanship in tea making.

There are 2 myths regarding the origin of tieguanyin - one relates to the Wei family (魏说) and one relates to the Wang family (王说). Wang Wen Li is the 13th generation descendant of Wang Shi Rang (王仕让) of the Wang family myth of tieguanyin.

We are packing this tea in 8 packs of 8 gm.


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